Thursday, August 19, 2010

New web site for Alaska's TCDs

I am very excited and honored to introduce the blog spot for Alaska Tribal Conservation Districts.  Currently formed and operating are the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (Tyonek, Alaska), the Asa'carsarmiut Tribal Conservation District (Mountain Village, Alaska), and the Kuigglugmiut Tribal Conservation District (Kwethluk, Alaska).  Each of the three TCDs have joined in an agreement between four parties: the Tribal Conservation District, the federally recognized tribe, the ANCSA village corporation and the United States Department of Agriculture.  Each district has their own bylaws, officers and board members, and visions for the next seven generations.  They are all currently working on their short and long term action plans to carry out those visions.

I will enjoy looking at this site, or one like it, in the future, long after I have left the NRCS, to see the progress that each of you and newly formed TCDs have made.  I look forward to seeing the fish restoration and moose habitat enhancements in Tyonek, the qasgiq and central location and tundra tea and spring water sales in Mountain Village, and wildlife co-management in Kwethluk.  I will look for the degree to which you have collaborated with adjacent landowners (such as in the 16b Natural Resources Partnership around the TTCD).  I will look for the networking you've done with local, state, and federal agencies.  I will look for the many ways in which your communities have improved because of the work that the TCDs are undertaking.  I will look for the blending of indigenous stewardship methods with contemporary conservation practices.  You are setting a positive, leadership role for how communities can work together in the name of conservation affecting the lives of many people in Alaska.  I'm excited for the groundwork you are laying for your future generations and mine.

My respect I give you.  "Piuraa" in Yupik means I will see you again.

Kuigglugmiut TCD members (James Nicori, Nick Ayapan, Chariton Epchook, Martin Andrew), community members, Bob Jones, Alaska NRCS State Conservationist, Dustin Miller, USDA Office of Tribal Relations, and Crystal Leonetti, NRCS Native Liaison
Crystal Leonetti (currently the NRCS Alaska Native Liaison, soon-to-be the USFWS Alaska Native Affairs Specialist)

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